Recently Azure Storage Team announced a new blob type “Append Blob”. I am pleased to announce that Cloud Portam supports it! This blog post talks about that.

What is “Append Blob”?

Append Blob is the newest kind of blob in Azure Blob Storage. As you may already know that Azure Blob Storage service supported two kinds of blobs till now – Block Blobs and Page Blobs. Now they support three kinds of blobs – Block Blob, Page Blob and Append Blob.

As the name suggests, in an Append Blob content is always appended to the blob. This is ideally suited for logging data. Assuming a scenario where your applications are collecting some telemetry data and you want to store that data in blob storage, Append Blobs is the way to go for storing that data. You collect that data and write it to an Append Blob and the data will be written to the end of the blob i.e. content will be appended to existing content.

At the time of writing of this blog post, Append Blob is not supported for “Premium” storage accounts. It is supported for LRS, ZRS and RAGRS storage accounts.

Cloud Portam Support

Cloud Portam fully supports Append Blobs.

You can list blobs in a container and if there are any Append Blobs, they will be listed along with other blobs (Block & Page).


All the operations that are possible on Block blobs are also supported on Append blobs as well. You can perform delete , get/set metadata, get/set properties, take snapshots, generate shared access signature (SAS) on Append blobs to name a few things you could do.


As you know, Cloud Portam allows you to upload files from your local machine to blob storage. Till now you can set the blob type of the uploaded file to be either “Block” or “Page”. Now you can set the blob type as “Append” as well and the file will be uploaded as “Append Blob”.


One minor catch here. By default Cloud Portam starts uploading the files as soon as they are added to the upload queue and the default blob type is either “Block” or “Page” depending on the file size and extension. Sometimes you may not get enough time to change the blob type before the file starts uploading thus you may not get opportunity to change the blob type to “Append”. For this, there’s a work around: When the upload screen loads, before adding any file simply click/press “Upload Settings” button at the bottom of the screen and uncheck the box which reads “Automatically start uploading files”.


Then when you add files, upload will not start automatically and will give you an opportunity to change the blob type. To start upload process, simply click/press “Start Upload” button.

Cloud Portam also allows you to create Empty Append Blob. An empty append blob is simply an append blob of zero byte size (i.e. no content). You can create an empty Append Blob on the blobs management screen.

To create an empty append blob, click/press “New Item” button and select “Empty Append Blob” option.  You can also right click on empty area on the screen to show document context menu and select “Empty Append Blob” option there.



On the subsequent popup, simply provide the name of the Append Blob and you’re done. It’s as simple as that!



Try It Out!

We humbly request you to try out Append Blob functionality in Cloud Portam. This is available in both “Personal” and “Team” editions of Cloud Portam. Though extreme care has been taken regarding testing the current functionality, it is quite possible that we may have overlooked something. If you find something missing or implemented incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to us and tell us. We will fix the issues ASAP.


As you can see we’re constantly investing in making the product more and more useful. Do try out Cloud Portam and these features and let us know what you think. If you think, we can improve it in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts. The link to our website is