It gives me great pleasure to announce that Cynapta has acquired Cerebrata from Redgate. In the post, we will talk about what this acquisition means for you as a user of Cloud Portam. We will also talk about the future direction we’re taking. If you’re an existing Cerebrata user, I encourage you to read the blog post about this acquisition on Cerebrata’s blog:

You may already know this but I founded Cerebrata back in 2007 and we built Azure tools there. Cerebrata got acquired by Redgate in 2011 and after working with the amazing team there for 18 months we parted ways as I wanted to do something different, so I set up Cynapta to explore more opportunities for tools to help Azure developers. After trying a number of things for the next year or so, I started building Cloud Portam, and I’m proud to say that it is one of the leading tools for managing Azure resources. Both Cerebrata and Cloud Portam are mature and robust tools designed with one simple goal – Make your life as an Azure developer easy! I would like to believe that we’re doing a good job at it (you as a user are the final judge of that though).

I believe this acquisition is important for both us and you (as Azure developers) because we now have multiple tools to offer you and you can decide which tool to use depending on your use case. In certain cases, using Cloud Portam makes total sense while in some cases Cerebrata tools is a logical choice. Now you have both of these tools under one roof.

What does this acquisition mean to you

If you’re a user of Cloud Portam, then this acquisition doesn’t change anything for you. We have been building Cloud Portam for 2 years now (almost 1+ year in production now). We have over 1000 registered users on Cloud Portam and we are going stronger day-by-day in terms of number of users and the features we’re offering there. We intend to continue doing that. We have a very strong roadmap for Cloud Portam and we want to stick to that.

If you’re a user of both Cerebrata and Cloud Portam, you’re in luck! We’re offering a 1 year complimentary subscription of Cloud Portam Personal Edition to paid users of Cerebrata. Please reach out to me with your Cerebrata Azure Management Studio license key and I will convert your Cloud Portam account to a complimentary one. If you have already paid for Cloud Portam subscription, I will arrange a pro-rated refund for you and switch your account to a complimentary one from the paid one.

Future Direction

Now let me take a moment and talk about our vision of where we want to be.

If you have been doing Azure development for some time now, I believe you will agree with me when I say that Azure is evolving at a breakneck speed. From just 3-4 services in 2008, now Azure has over 50+ services that you can use. Ideally we would want you to manage all of the services through our tools. It may take us some time to get there but we will get there. So expect to see some new features light up in either of our tools.

One interesting thing that has happened with Azure (and also with Microsoft) is that it no longer about Windows anymore (Microsoft changing the name from “Windows Azure” to “Microsoft Azure” is a live testament of that). They are embracing open source and other platforms and as a tool vendor building for Azure, I believe we need to do the same. With that in mind, we’re planning on building new set of tools which will be based on current direction Azure is taking (especially with their whole Azure Resource Manager and Role-based access control mechanism). These tools will have to be cross-platform so that you’re not restricted to Windows only. Our responsibility (and it’s a big one) would be to enable you on the platform of your choice.

One thing we have realized is that often times there are certain “things” you would want your tool vendor to do. A good example would be backing up your storage accounts. You would want to delegate that task to someone as long as you are sure that the task will be done. We want to be that “someone” for you who will do the job for you. With products like “Service Fabric”, “Functions”, and “Azure Batch” etc. in Azure, Microsoft has made our job rather simple. So expect us venturing into that in near future.

Now I don’t want to set any false expectation. I do realize that our goals are ambitious and it will take us some time to get there but one thing is sure that we will get there. We are also counting on your support big time during our journey. We want to work on things which makes your job easier. We hope that we will get your support all the way.


For us these are really exciting times! To be honest we are a bit nervous as well. We sold a product to Redgate and what we’re getting back is an awesome brand. Having to take back a revered product like Azure Management Studio and not mess it up is a huge responsibility. We’re confident that we will be able to do full justice with all the products that we have to offer you.

We have grand plans for our tools and we will need your support to achieve our goals. If you have any questions or concerns about this acquisition, plans for our existing products and future roadmap, please (actually pretty please with cherry on top) reach out to me at gaurav at

I want to take this moment to thank you for being a Cloud Portam user and I hope that you choose to continue our relationship while we build tools and services that will help you make productive when working with Azure.