After nearly 10 months running in “Preview”, I am pleased to announce that Cloud Portam is now Live. This blog post talks about pricing and other details now that Cloud Portam is commercially available.


Cloud Portam will be offered to you as a subscription based service. You could subscribe to this service either on a month-to-month basis or on a yearly basis. As you may already know Cloud Portam is offered to you in two editions – Personal & Team. For both editions, you will be able to subscribe for either a monthly plan or an yearly plan. Pricing for Personal Edition starts at $10.00 / month ($100.00 / year) while the pricing for Team Edition starts at $100.00 / month ($1000.00 / year) for a 5 User Pack. For Team Edition, we offer different user packs (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100) and based on the pack you subscribe for limits the member in your team. For more details on pricing, please visit our website @

You can only purchase a subscription from within Cloud Portam application. We have chosen FastSpring as our payment processor. You provide the payment information on their website and we never see your payment information at any point of time.


When you sign up for Personal Edition of Cloud Portam, you get to try it out for 15 days. For Team Edition, you can try it out for 30 days. On the last day of your trial or after your trial has expired, you can extend your trial once. For Personal Edition you get a one time extension of 7 days while for Team Edition you get a one time trial extension of 15 days.

If you need to extend your trial beyond that, please contact support.


We know first hand that doing community work is hard and as a token of our appreciation for Azure community rock stars, we are offering a complimentary subscription of Personal Edition of Cloud Portam to them. If you’re a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP or Azure Insider, you’re a community rock star in our books. But we don’t stop there! Please read more about the community program and see if you can benefit from this program on our website at All that is needed from your side is to show that you are working towards helping spreading Azure goodness!

What’s Next?

Now that we have released Cloud Portam, does that mean we’re done working on the application? Well, far from it. We have so many things in our pipeline and now that this release is behind us, we will be working on that. Azure is constantly evolving and so we will be. We will switch back to weekly/fortnightly releases and you will see many new features introduced in the application which we hope will make you more productive when it comes to managing your Azure resources. So stay tuned!