In this blog post we will see how you can manage groups in Cloud Portam Team Edition.

What are Groups?

Groups provide a mechanism to logically categorize your cloud resources that you’re managing through Cloud Portam. For example, you can create a group for your “Development” cloud resources and you can put them in the “Development” group. Then on the dashboard you can filter by this group on the main dashboard and only see the cloud resources in that group.

Some Points

There are a few points we would like to mention:

  • You can add, rename, and remove groups.
  • Before you can remove a group, the group must be empty i.e. it should not contain any cloud resources.
  • When you create an account, a default group is created for you. You can rename that group but you can’t remove that group even if it is empty.

Walk Through

We have created a simple walk through of the entire process that you can watch here.

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