In this blog post we will see how you can sign up for the Team Edition of Cloud Portam. To learn more about the Team Edition of Cloud Portam, please visit this link:

Before You Begin

Before you start the sign up process, there are two things you would need to do:

  1. Find out the default domain name of the Azure Active Directory (AD) that you will use for signing up/signing in into the Team Edition of Cloud Portam. This you can find by visiting Azure Management Portal at
  2. The account with which you login to sign up should have “Global Administrator” privileges in that Azure AD.

Sign Up Link

The link for signing up for a team account is:

How Sign Up Process Works?

It’s really simple, You first find out about the default domain name of your Azure AD and then sign in into that directory. Once you are signed in, you will be asked to grant some permissions to Cloud Portam applications in your Azure AD. After you have granted these permissions, you would provide some information about yourself (name, email address, organization name) and specify a sub-domain for your account in Cloud Portam and finish the sign up process. Once the sign up process is finished, you will get a address for your team account which will be in the form of https://[yourteamname] that you will use to sign in.

Walk Through

We have created a simple walk through of the entire process that you can watch here.

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