Over this weekend we released a new version of Cloud Portam. In this version we included a number of Azure File Service enhancements. This blog post talks about what features we included in this release and what are we working on currently.

Upload Files

To be honest, this feature has been long overdue. We have been eagerly waiting for the Storage Service team to announce CORS and Shared Access Signature support for File Service which they did in the latest release of Storage Service REST API. So far we have been avoiding implementing this functionality was because we didn’t want to implement this functionality where first the files are uploaded on our servers and then uploaded to your storage account. We wanted the files to upload directly from your machine into your File Service share.

I’m pleased to announce that with the latest version of Cloud Portam, you can do just that. File Upload functionality for File Service Files in Cloud Portam make use of CORS and Shared Access Signature so that files are uploaded directly from your computer to the share. Functionality wise, it works more or less the same way as uploading blobs.

Key highlights of file upload functionality are:

  • Files are uploaded directly from your computer into your storage account.
  • File upload makes use of CORS and SAS to facilitate direct upload.
  • Multiple files are uploaded in parallel for faster uploads. You can configure the number of files that you want to upload.
  • Large files are split into chunks and each chunk is uploaded. As a user, you can configure the chunk size (default is 1 MB).
  • You can set the file properties (cache control, content encoding, content language, content type, and content disposition) before a file is being uploaded.
  • You can set the file metadata before a file is being uploaded.
  • You can upload an entire folder if you use Google Chrome or Opera browser. When uploading folder, Cloud Portam first tries to create all the folders and nested subfolders and only after that it uploads individual files.

Shared Access Signature

In the latest version, you can create Shared Access Signature (SAS) on a File inside a Share. Process of creating a SAS on a file works very much like creating a SAS on a blob. Cloud Portam enables you to create a SAS without using a share access policy (ad-hoc SAS) or a SAS using a share access policy.

When creating an ad-hoc SAS, you must specify at least one permission (Read, Write or Delete) and SAS expiry date. Optionally you can specify SAS start date and override the response headers (cache control, content disposition etc.)

When creating a SAS using a share access policy, you only specify the parameters that are not specified in the access policy. For example, if the access policy has specified permissions and a start date only required parameter you would need to specify is the SAS end date.





Directory Metadata

In the latest version of Storage Service REST API, ability to manage metadata on a directory is introduced. With the latest version of Cloud Portam you can manage metadata on a directory.


Download File

With the latest version of Cloud Portam, you can now download files from a share in your storage account. File download makes use of Shared Access Signature so that files are downloaded directly from your storage account to your computer.

Please note that Cloud Portam still does not support downloading folders and/or multiple files. In lieu of that Cloud Portam gives you instructions on downloading the files using AzCopy utility.

What’s Next

There are still a bunch of File Service related enhancements that are pending. In the next release, we will include the functionality where files and directory management is also done via CORS and SAS. So stay tuned for that :).

Try It Out!

We humbly request you to try out these updates in Cloud Portam. This is available in both “Personal” and “Team” editions of Cloud Portam. Though extreme care has been taken regarding testing the current functionality, it is quite possible that we may have overlooked something. If you find something missing or implemented incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to us and tell us. We will fix the issues ASAP.


As you can see we’re constantly investing in making the product more and more useful. Do try out Cloud Portam and these features and let us know what you think. If you think, we can improve it in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts. The link to our website is http://www.cloudportam.com.