Over this weekend we released a new version of Cloud Portam. In this release we have included the capability to view audit logs data for Azure Subscriptions. This blog post talks about these enhancements.

Summary of Enhancements

  • View Audit Logs data.

View Audit Logs Data

I’m pleased to announce that using Cloud Portam now you can view Audit Logs data for your Azure Subscriptions.

In order to view Audit Logs data, first you need to connect Cloud Portam to your Azure Subscription. Please visit this blog post on how to do so: http://cloudportam.wpengine.com/cloud-portam-updates-announcing-the-availability-of-azure-subscription-management-in-cloud-portam/.

Once Cloud Portam is connected to your Azure Subscription, you can view Audit Logs data.


When the Audit Logs screen loads, you are presented with a search screen.


For your convenience, we have included a number of predefined date/time ranges. You can simply select on the values to auto-fill From and To date/time values or you can specify your own values.


Based on the search criteria specified, Cloud Portam will search for Audit Logs and display them for you.


You can simply click on a log entry to view the details about the log.


Apart from general details about the log entry, you can also view information like authorization information, user claims and details about the HTTP request associated with this log entry. You can go to next / previous displayed log entries from this popup screen as well.

Cloud Portam also enables you to view Audit Log entries for a Resource Group and Storage Account in your Azure Subscription.

To view Audit Log entries for a Resource Group, when you’re viewing the list of Resource Group, simply click/press “Audit Logs” button/context menu for the Resource Group for which you interested in viewing Audit Log entries.


Cloud Portam will open Audit Logs screen in a new tab in your browser and when you search for Audit Logs, it will bring Audit Logs only for the Resource Group selected.

For viewing Audit Logs for a Storage Account, you will follow similar approach as well.


What’s Next

There are a number of things in our immediate product pipeline. We will continue enhancing our Subscription management features by adding support for managing additional services. So stay tuned for all these changes.

Try It Out!

We humbly request you to try out these updates in Cloud Portam. This is available in both “Personal” and “Team” editions of Cloud Portam. Though extreme care has been taken regarding testing the current functionality, it is quite possible that we may have overlooked something. If you find something missing or implemented incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to us and tell us. We will fix the issues ASAP.


As you can see we’re constantly investing in making the product more and more useful. Do try out Cloud Portam and these features and let us know what you think. If you think, we can improve it in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts. The link to our website is http://www.cloudportam.com.